Is MTT underrated?



It’s a question that 15 years ago would have made me scratch my head, bewildered that a conductor who goes by his initials even got this far, associations with Lenny notwithstanding.  Michael Tilson Thomas seemed to me to be the quintessential jagoff maestro, his face plastered on every CD cover, his persona seemingly crafted and polished to sanitary perfection like the classical music version of A-Rod or Kobe (where have I seen that fist pump before?).

A funny thing happened on the way to Michael Tilson Thomas being the biggest douchebag in the orchestra world, though.  He became the anti-MTT. Continue reading


Lebron James, Placido Domingo et al, and the art of knowing what you are

Lebron James

"As a native of Northeastern Ohio, I totally understand the pain of losing a superstar like Lebron James. That's going to be difficult for you, Cleveland. Trust me. I'm Lebron James."

Lebron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers this week, agreeing to terms with the Miami Heat and becoming the finishing touch on what Dwyane Wade called “arguably the greatest trio ever to play basketball” (what’s that sound?  Oh right, it’s Magic, Kareem, and James Worthy, the actual greatest trio to play basketball.  The Oscar Peterson Trio retains the overall top spot…SORRY BEAUX ARTS!).  The uproar over the decision (sorry, I meant The Decision) has been vociferous, and has even managed to get Jesse Jackson involved, which he is so rarely wont to do.  Everyone has an opinion on James and his legacy, and most of them aren’t particularly good opinions.  I, on the other hand, appreciate the very simple statement James has made with his decision: I am what I am. Continue reading