Something to listen to: Dvorak Symphony no. 8

Antonin Dvorak

Serious composer is serious

Roger Norrington is an idiot.

His little to no vibrato reputation precedes him everywhere he goes, from that BBC reality show with celebrities conducting to Stuttgart to the barber where he receives the finest fringe cut I’ve personally ever seen.  It seems to me that Norrington is the musical equivalent of being the one senator who believes that dinosaurs are a myth, or that Hurricane Katrina was God’s revenge for homosexuality, or that masturbating is adultery. Continue reading

I was at a concert: Opening night!

Hilary Hahn
If Legolas got a violin and a perm…………

The Kansas City Symphony began their final season in the Lyric Theater this Friday with a splashy concert featuring a new composition, a world-renowned guest artist, and some popular 20th century masterpieces.  By the way, this is the final season for the Symphony in the Lyric Theater, which will no longer be used for symphonic concerts, opera performances, or the Ludovico technique.  The brand new Kauffman Center will open in 2011, with much fanfare.  Also, this will be the final season in the Lyric Theater. Continue reading

If the final apocalyptic battle between good and evil is not fought with musical accompaniment provided by Bruckner Symphony no. 9, my entire belief system will unravel to the point of complete disintegration


Anton Bruckner

Whose side are you on?!

There is a lot of evocative music scattered throughout musical history.  Some of it is deliberately evocative, like Strauss’ tone poems.  A lot of it is not deliberately evocative, but conjures up images that may not be in line with the composers intentions.  It’s hard to listen to the Barber Adagio for Strings now without seeing it, at least in part, the way Oliver Stone did.

So it is with Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony.   Continue reading