The top 10 composers of all-time

Sebastian Bach


This week, Anthony Tommasini, the classical music critic of the New York Times, unveiled the culmination of his project to select the Top 10 composers of all-time. First of all, as someone who loves to rank things, I applaud the entire endeavor. Making arbitrary lists in this space isn’t that big a deal, because very few people read it. But doing it in the pages of the New York Times requires a certain amount of intellectual courage. Not only must you contend with people picking apart your arguments, but you must also contend with people picking apart the very concept of having the argument in the first place (best demonstrated by one of the comments that read, “Sorry, but top 10 lists should be beneath those who care about the arts.” Why do people think many classical music fans are uptight snobs?). A couple common criticisms emerged from Tommasini’s criteria: the limited stylistic range of composers (no pre-Baroque and no contemporary composers) and, much more elementally, the subjectivity of greatness. Continue reading

Something cool you might have missed: Le Chasseur Maudit

Cesar Franck

Either one of the finest musicians in the history of France or the leader of a renegade Polygamist sect in southern Utah circa 1910

Let me preface this post with another something cool you might have missed: this blog.  I actually displayed some competency on the GRE, although I was cruelly reminded that my cursive skills have eroded to the point of virtual non-existence since the 3rd grade.  I hope to be able to get back to contributing something here and there in this space now that things have somewhat settled back into a routine.  We shall see.  BTW, I don’t actually think this blog is cool, but I do think that the overwhelming majority of the world’s population has missed it if you incorporate all the dictionary definitions of that word.

Now then, to the music.

I remember first encountering Cesar Franck’s Le Chasseur Maudit as the filler on a disc with the Symphony in D minor, a piece I had only recently heard for the first time, on it.  I was a horn player, so the introductory section certainly appealed to me on some basic macho-horn level, but it quickly became one of my favorite pieces.  I listened to it a lot.  And then I just stopped listening to it.  I never thought about it.  And then I heard it again last week and was reminded why I loved it so damn much in the first place. Continue reading

Hiatus 2

I’ve been studying for the GRE for the better part of the last two months, which is why posts have mostly fallen off a cliff.  Take heart in the fact that while I’m not writing, I am displaying an embarrassing lack of skills at junior high school-level math.   Once my test is over (which will be this Thursday), I intend to kick back into something resembling a gear.  In the meantime, happy listening and cussing!

2010 in review

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