It’s Friday, Friday, time to bury our head in our hands in a display of frustration and sadness; fun, fun, fun, fun…

I used to watch Tosh.0 back when we had cable.  I appreciate the concept of the show: someone else slogging their way through the bowels of the internet in search of the funniest and most insane videos out there so I don’t have to.  Since we’ve made the move to simply using Netflix or Hulu or whatever to watch television through our computer, I haven’t seen the show in some time.  If I had, I would have seen this:

Websites all over the internet are calling it the worst song ever.  I don’t know if it’s THE worst song ever, although I couldn’t tell you a worse one without doing a lot of research.  There’s a lot of things wrong with this song, whether it’s the not-so-subtle reminder about the order of days in the back half of the week or the cyborg-like delivery of the word “fun” in repeated succession each time the chorus rolls around or the lone appearance of a black guy in an otherwise endless sea of white tweens.  But it got me thinking…

We all know the stories of infamous premieres in classical music history: The Rite of Spring, Parade, Salome, Miraculous Mandarin.  There are also many well-known works that have horrible reputations (sadly, many of them have been written in the past 75 years) like Wellington’s Victory, Bernstein’s Mass, and Hyperprism

But which piece, above all others, would generate a staggering 857, 363 dislikes on YouTube (in a world where that many people actually listened to classical music, of course…)?  Which piece would lead me to create a sarcastic ringtone?  Which piece would appear on a clip show on Comedy Central?

Comment below with your nominations.


2 thoughts on “It’s Friday, Friday, time to bury our head in our hands in a display of frustration and sadness; fun, fun, fun, fun…

  1. Anything written by John Cage.

  2. John Cage has some cool stuff…his prepared piano music is pretty awesome.

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