Stuck in my head…

I found this stuck in my head, even though I haven’t watched this flick in years.  What a ludicrously catchy melody.  I swear, this John Williams character just might have a future in the business.

Totally underrated movie, BTW.  It’s easy to overlook it because Raiders and Last Crusade are both phenomenal, but Temple of Doom is rad.  Best villain of the bunch, first of all (he rips a dude’s heart out and holds it in the air while it’s on fire!).  Entertaining Asian child sidekick.  Pretty sweet mine car shenanigans.  Live elephants.  Large Cole Porter number with bits of Chinese.

Spielberg’s wife is pretty annoying, but wouldn’t you be too if you were Spielberg’s wife?

Kali ma.  Kali MA.  KALI MA SHAKTI DE!


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