Quick update and a YouTube video I keep watching over and over

Editor’s note: I’m going to pretend that people actually read this space on occasion.

I’ve been pretty busy of late.  I miss writing for this blog, but I’m struggling to find the proper time to say what I want to say.  Hopefully things will get back to a little more normalcy.  At the very least I hope I can write more shit, because I enjoy it and my massive and loyal readership deserves to hear my unchecked opinions.

Also, I’ve started writing for KC Metropolis, a local arts journal.  Hopefully more writing means more writing.  You can read some reviews there once things get going.

Here’s a video of Riccardo Muti conducting the Vienna Philharmonic in the Rosamunde Overture by Schubert:

A few things to note about this video:

  • Riccardo Muti has supple and expressive hands that can pleasure any man or woman alive today
  • Chicks!  In the VPO!  Better late (seriously, really fucking late) than never
  • I’ve lost count of how many ridiculously cool oboe solos are in the standard repertoire…I would spit on a homeless person to play any of about 80 cool oboe solos.
  • Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I actually spit on homeless people anyway, oboe solos or not
  • I did not type that last bullet point
  • Franz Schubert, man.
  • Franz Fucking Schubert

3 thoughts on “Quick update and a YouTube video I keep watching over and over

  1. I am an uncultured swine, but I’m going to ask anyway. What is the VPO?

  2. I read this blog happily! Also… Muti’s hands frighten me.

  3. I’m sure Gina has figured this out by now, but for posterity’s sake, VPO = Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

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