Something cool you might have missed: Oriental Rhapsody by Alexander Glazunov


Alexander Glazunov looking like the most dangerous tuberculosis victim of all-time.

It’s been eons since I’ve had the time to post anything in this space, and I’ve been feeling the effects of writer’s withdrawal. This condition has been an absolute plague based on the simple fact that I’m a horrible writer and therefore should feel better when NOT writing, but what can I say? Since I last wrote anything of substance the NCAA Tournament started, the Republicans have had something like 71 primary elections, and my interest has been piqued by a movie called “The Hunger Games” that looks to have the appealing plot of teenagers killing one another for the pleasure of adults (something I occasionally fantasize about when thinking of flash mobs and the junior prom).

At any rate, the other major development recently has been the acquisition of my first real acceptable stereo system, complete with receiver, floor speakers, and turntable. I already tested it out with the original instrumentation Royal Fireworks Music, and I’m pleased to report that it sounds pretty nice. Last night I was even able to corral Sandy to sit down and listen to Janacek’s masterful Taras Bulba, which I believe she enjoyed (we both really like Gogol). After that, I had it in my mind to listen to something else, but it was getting late, so I stopped after the first movement of a piece that I hadn’t listened to in some time and decided I was going to write about it because it’s just that cool. That piece is the Oriental Rhapsody by Alexander Glazunov.

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The most underrated greatest 3 minutes in jazz history

The Mills Brothers can usually be found in the “Easy Listening” section of your local Barnes and Noble or online music store. But back in the 1930’s, there wasn’t shit easy about their style. There were some truly great performances from some truly great artists back in the day, but for sheer musicianship, energy, and out-and-out badass motherfuckerness, you won’t find anything better than this.