Something cool you might have missed: This recording of Schelomo

Parnas, et al

The tightest knit and closest-in-the-sense-of-physical-space pretend trio of all-time!

It must be nice to be considered a “legendary treasure.” I always dreamed that someday I would be a legendary treasure, but at my current rate the only way I’ll actually achieve such a status would be to:

  1. Work extended hours at my job
  2. Save enough money to have my body surgically encased in 24-karat gold
  3. Drown in the Atlantic Ocean
  4. Be discovered 200 years later as the only human dipshit to encase himself in 24-karat gold

Yehudi Menuhin and Pablo Casals needed to do no such thing. They were both supreme bad asses whose careers were as distinguished as can be. But there’s a third guy here, and while he may not have the lofty pedigree of the two giants with which he shares this fairly awkward and cheap-looking CD cover, he proves to be the standout on this disc, both musically and hair-stylistically. Continue reading


By the popular demand of one: One man’s opinion on Gustavo Dudamel

A commenter with the incredibly controversial handle “against pedophiles” wondered about my thoughts on Gustavo Dudamel in this old post about Eivind Gullberg Jensen being the worst conductor in the universe. That post has managed to stand the test of time a bit, presumably because the rhetoric is so harsh. By way of meaningless update, I haven’t listened to any of Jensen’s work since that post, although I’ve threatened to on a couple occasions. Jensen is not nearly as ubiquitous a presence as Dudamel, and his performances are a bit easier to duck if you’re careful. At this point it’s almost impossible not to encounter Dudamel if you have any interest in the performance of orchestral music in the year the Mayans are going to kill us all. Continue reading

Stay tuned!

As God is my witness, I have something to say in this space soon. I’ve got thoughts on the recent KC Symphony concert, I’ve got thoughts on what it is we should listen for, and I’ve got thoughts on my beloved Kentucky Wildcats winning their 8th National Championship.

I know you can’t wait! You love it here!