Something to listen to: Sibelius Symphony no. 3

Colin Davis, New York Philharmonic, 2006

Jesus, the New York Philharmonic really plays the living shit out of this. The 3rd gets lost in the shuffle a bit, but it’s as brilliant as anything Sibelius ever composed, and the finale has more energy than Richard Simmons on cocaine and Red Bull, or the passionate truck stop glory hole sex that I don’t really care to talk about right now. Also enjoy the kinda weird anime situation. This YouTube uploader, whoever he is (magischmeisjeorkest), is a Godsend. What a fucking hero.



One thought on “Something to listen to: Sibelius Symphony no. 3

  1. you know, I’m kind of getting sick and tired of this guy receiving all this negative attention because “nuhhh, the pictures dun match deh song”. Um… so what? Does that lower the quality of the song? No it doesn’t. And why does the picture being “anime” suddenly make it a bad picture? Their absolutely gorgeous. The colors, the shading and lighting, the expressions on their faces, and the settings the girls are in. In their own way, they DO sort of match the respective symphony their attached to. I don’t know if MagiSchmeisjeorkest reads these things, but he/she should at least know how grateful I am for both the music and the pictures he/she uploads. It’s beautiful ^_^

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