Something to listen to: Eivind Gullberg Jensen FOR THE WIN!

Commenter Aparna S alerted me to this performance of Rachmaninov’s Symphony no. 2 conducted by the notorious-around-these-parts Eivind Gullberg Jensen and posted it in the comments section of the infamous “worst conductor in the universe” post under the auspices of strongly disagreeing with my position. After watching it from start to finish, I wanted to make sure that it didn’t just get buried in the comments of an old post, because it is an outstanding performance on every level. Gone is the unnecessary and intrusive bullshit I felt pervaded Jensen’s conducting, and in its place is a tremendous feel for the nuts and bolts of a piece that can degenerate into useless noise in the wrong hands. I am tremendously impressed – this is one of the finest Rachmaninov 2’s I’ve ever encountered. I hope that this is just the beginning of my NEW Jensen experience.

Thank you for bringing this performance to my attention, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.


8 thoughts on “Something to listen to: Eivind Gullberg Jensen FOR THE WIN!

  1. Wow, very very strange timing. I was 40 minutes into this performance, on this YT video, when you tweeted about it. It is fantastic, by the way. Were you inspired to listen by my post on Good Music Guide maybe?

    Oh wow no Aparna posted his comment today too. What a weird, weird coincidence?

  2. Crazy…this thing is clearly making the rounds. Good. It should.

    Glad you enjoyed it too!

  3. Look forward to watching it, but first, as a cautionary, I’m going to re-watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers….

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  5. Ha, interesting. This video was literally my only experience with Eivind Gullberg Jensen and I kept thinking to myself, I don’t see why Erik hates this guy so much. I’ll have to go find other more atrocious offerings, apparently.

  6. I watched Jensen’s Rachmaninov, 2 before reading Erik’s original denunciation. It (the symphony) is a superlative rendering. Leading to the only conclusion available: even if Jensen’s earlier efforts were not as high as the Rach 2, Erik was troppo duro in his complaints. More about the critic was unleashed than the director.

  7. Last night I attended one of the best concert performances In my lifetime at 70 years of age.
    The RLPO /Orff .It was opened up to reveal new insights and played to perfection IMO .
    I have previously been an international music reviewer and retired some years ago and I had never heard of this Jensen conductor till last night.
    I can only presume that previous comments have inspired him to this magnificent acheivment and I shall look out for more of his conducting hiopefully as I travel Europe a lot to see concerts.
    ie Recently went to Catania to see Korsakova play Brahms but that was not in last nights league/

  8. That’s 2 glowing comments for Jensen’s Carmina last night! It must have been spectacular! I’m sorry to have missed it!

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