50,000 page views and a glimpse into the future

247px-Lire_50000_(Bernini)Sometime yesterday this blog received its 50,000th page view. I have no idea what that means, but anytime we pass round numbers in life we reflexively take stock of what’s come before and what’s theoretically to come after. I started Everything but the Music over four years ago and its purpose has essentially remained the same since that time; it’s a space for me to ramble at length about classical music (and whatever else may come up) because there aren’t enough outlets for me to get all the dreadfully uninteresting things I want to say out of my head using human interaction and coffee/beer. Now that we’ve established that I’m clearly very important, it’s time to take a look ahead into what may come down the path in the future.


I don’t anticipate that changing much in the coming days, months, and years. I have a few more friends than the zero I started with that are willing and able to discuss music, but I have so much miserable dreck to spit out into the universe that it still isn’t enough. Besides, friends also afford the opportunity to do things like listen to all of Nielsen’s symphonies in one sitting and write about them! So what DO I hope to see going forward?

First of all, I want to make more music available, which may or may not go completely against the very name of this blog. I try to listen to and capture the occasional broadcast, and it seems to me a reasonably nice gesture to make a particular performance I find noteworthy available for others to hear and potentially disagree with me vehemently about. Furthermore, I may try my damnedest to restore the links to some of the previously uploaded material. Music is good and fun, and hearing actual music is gooder and funner.

Secondly, based on a two-pronged reason that is part Twitter request and part “I have this strange idea for a massively unimportant yet possibly interesting book about classical music,” I want to start exploring something that fascinates me perhaps more than any other element of performed music, that of the relationship of conductors and orchestras, specifically which of these partnerships were successful, be it commercially, artistically, or God forbid both. I understand this topic has been explored by many people many places, but not by me and not by someone who is willing to view Leonard Bernstein’s rapport with the French National Orchestra within the context of Judaism as well as really stellar beards of the late 1960’s.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to start writing things that may stimulate something resembling discussion – this blog currently has 353 comments on 175 posts and a fair number of those are from my dear mother. The idea of discourse is awfully appealing, especially when it comes in the form of answers to questions that I may have about repertoire, performers, etc. We’ll see how much of this is beyond my control and if anyone is willing to engage in a lively discussion here and there, but I hope to make a tweak here and there to make it so, because hell, why is the internet if not for a nice chat?

I don’t know who all of the people who may read this blog are, but from the bottom of my iHeart I thank you for stopping in and checking the place out. Even if this blog still serves as a place to deposit my own convoluted theories about music, it’s nice to know that other people may get something out of it, even if it’s fury – better than being comatose, AMIRITE?! I really hope that I can start shifting away from the “insane ramblings of a syphilitic brain” approach towards the “just a less serious but still rewarding place to enjoy the greatest music of all-time” approach. Wish me luck and seeya around.


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