Programming announcement: Stay tuned for mom stories

She hasn't gone by that in 15 years, but hey...MOM!

She hasn’t gone by that in 15 years, but hey…MOM!

I popped onto the dashboard page of this blog to do something or other, and then I got distracted by the “Top Searches” section. First of all, I appreciate the fact that people think there’s a halfway decent chance I would have something to say about classical musicians divorces. I’ve never been tempted to do this until now, but perhaps I should make this place the of historically significant art music. Imagine the tens of monthly hits! But more important than that is the first search, highlighted above by me drawing a red box around it in Microsoft Paint like the computer whiz from 1993 that I am.

Stephanie Klackner isn’t around anymore, having been replaced by Stephanie Pittman something like 15 years ago, but either way that’s my mother. I somehow have managed not to really touch on any cool mom music stories, even though there are many. My excuse is that I focus mostly on orchestral music and she’s a jazz/Broadway piano player, but she’s also how I got into music in the first place. Seeing that search term makes it official: I must share some mom stories.

Keep your eyes open later this week. You will hear tales of musical wonder, foul language, completely inadvertent sacrilege, and a startling inability to not make slight improvements to Mozart on the fly. It goes down Wednesday!


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