Something different: Glacier Don


I’m fortunate enough to know a small handful of people who actually make good music for people like myself to listen to and write about. Most of the time these people are classical musicians like my friends Ken or Dave or Andy, but not this time. Pictured above is the cover to a mixtape that you can download completely free, no strings attached y’all by tremendously gifted rapper and hell of a nice guy Glacier Don. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

In hip-hop (and in other circles who used the idea after it became popular in hip-hop…not that white people ever coopt ideas that black people did first!) a mixtape is a promotional tool used to lay the groundwork for an upcoming “official” release. It’s staggering how good the quality many of these mixtapes have. Years ago I bought a mixtape from a group called The Nuggz in the parking lot of a 7-11 out of the trunk of one of the members’ car in Tacoma, Washington. It was a blank CD with the word “Nuggz” written in Sharpie on it in a thin jewel case, no cover art, no track list, nothing else. I put it on when I got home expecting it to be pretty rough; it was the opposite. Top-shelf production, great beats, terrific artists. They’re still going today.

Glacier Don’s mixtape, Sincerely Glacier, is just as staggering in its quality. I’m not going to try and pass myself off as a connoisseur of rap and hip-hop music, because I’m simply not deeply versed in the style. But I listen to plenty of it and I certainly think I can appreciate good music in any form. Plus I did good on the vocabulary section of the SATs! Glacier Don is an impressive lyricist. I mean, check this shit out:

In a single verse he drops references to both Leviticus 26 and 8th-grade algebra…what the fuck’s not to like about that?

Show him some love, check him out on Twitter, and if you like what you hear, keep your ears open for his debut album down the line. Young artists doing their thing, doesn’t matter what genre, deserve to be heard. Enjoy!




3 thoughts on “Something different: Glacier Don

  1. I’m relieved this isn’t your #7 Symphony Movement choice. Bizet is one thing, but this?

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