Something to listen to: CCEE CCGG CCBB CCGG. Always.

Presented with only one note and one comment. Note: This is the 4th in a series of 7 operas called “Perfect Lives” by Robert Ashley. The rest can probably be found on YouTube with some digging. Comment: if there’s one thing I can count on in this world, it’s Dave McIntire introducing me to something I had no idea existed and providing enough insight to make me seek out more information. Last night he showed me this, and needless to say I found it fascinating. It’s pretty weird, but the narration is really something (Dave had a copy of the text, which was awesome to see in print), and the piano playing is great to a point approaching unbelievability. Thanks for the heads up as always, Dave.

Ashley died on March 3. May he rest in peace in a place where they actually DO serve wine in half pints.


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