In which I use the words “sesquicentennial” and “fucking,” one of which may have been in my 7th-grade spelling bee

640px-DBPB_1954_124_Richard_StraussIn spite of whatever I have going on this month, I couldn’t let today pass without saying something about the sesquicentennial anniversary of the birth of one of music’s all-time legendary figures, Richard Strauss. The great Mark Berry, of whose talent I am supremely envious, wrote a piece for The Conversation that is a must-read for anyone who likes good writing and Strauss. Deutsche Welle has an alternate perspective that touches on a couple of the same themes with admittedly less journalistic pizzazz. I certainly don’t have anything to add from a scholarship perspective. I will gladly, though, talk about the important place Strauss holds in my life. I’ve written about the man many times before, so if some of these obviously salient points are repeats from days gone by, please accept my apologies, or just be polite and pretend like they’re new. Continue reading

Preemptive “I’m alive”

Blog activity for the month of June is going to be a bit sparse. I’m moving to a new place that’s actually an old place, and so a good portion of my time is going to be spent making that bidness go down smooth. There are a few things I’ve got thoughts on that are rattling around in my head desperately trying to escape, so if I can squeeze some time in, I’ll make that happen. And if not, there’s always July.

Seeya when I seeya, friends, Romans, countrymen, and whoever else may be out there.