Yet another “stay tuned” message that is sure to ring hollow in the months to come!

As I noted in a comment, posting has been sparse due to a) the summertime being a God damned cultural wasteland, even in New York City, and b) my current job is like if a prosecuting attorney was also responsible for being the court reporter, which is to say I type all day every day. However, that’s going to change beginning in October, and I hope to resume posting with greater frequency. As fate would have it, that’s about when cultural activities pick up again, and lo, there are many things on the horizon that have piqued my interest.

The focus of this blog will also be shifting slightly, only in the sense that I have a couple new ideas that I’d like to try out, the ultimate goal of which is to start coalescing things into a possible book that I’m threatening to put together. Obviously no one is going to publish a book written by me, but if nothing else, it will be a jumbled mess of papers that they can burn at the same time as my body upon my death. Or they can scotch tapeĀ a flash drive containing the manuscript to the urn where my ashes will be displayed by the person denoted in my will, which is actually a reader of this blog chosen by a computer simulation model based on which of you would be most like the child that I could have had but didn’t.

See you in the coming days, weeks, months, etc., friends.