Needless update, Vol. Whatever

True story: I actually do intend to do something or other with this blog, and I haven’t forgotten about it, in spite of the hilarious lack of content in the last year or so. Not very long after my last post, whenever that was, I gave my computer to my sister, who needed a laptop for school and was having issues with her own. Yesterday, I was given as a gift the fancy-time keyboard attachment thing for the iPad that I purchased over the summer or whenever.

Technology being what it is, I could have just as well written some things with my index finger on my phone or tablet, but that would have sucked, quite frankly. Texting is awful, and it would have taken three times as long for me to write something halfway interesting. Plus, as anyone who reads this knows, I ramble on incessantly, and those ramblings would have been significantly more difficult if I was typing them with one finger. Not said, although now I’m about to, is that I pretty much type on a keyboard with three fingers anyway.

In fairness to myself, shit also got super hectic. I changed jobs and house hunted during the last quarter of 2016. We’re moving in January, but then things should settle down some, barring tragedy. It is my sincere hope that I can re-kindle this space, because I have opinions! I might be expanding things a bit to encompass theater and art and shit, since I’ve been doing a lot more of that as well since moving to New York.

Whatever. You and I will believe it when you and I see it. In the meantime, Happy Holidays out there. Also, this keyboard works pretty damned well, I have to say.