Who is this guy?

Arguably the leading expert on classical music on the 3rd floor of my building.  Without question the leading expert on arbitrarily ranking things in the world.

19 thoughts on “Who is this guy?

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. I just discovered your website,and I really like it even though I don’t agree with all of your opinions. I’m a classical musician myself,a former horn player who has played under such well-known conductors as Joann Falletta,Maurice Peress, Arthur Weisberg and others in numerous orchestras ,concert bands and other groups.
    I now have my own classical music blog at blogiversity.org, a website with blogs and forums on a wide variety of topics,and I cover all kinds of classical music for the site,orchestral,operatic,chamber,choral etc.
    My blog is called THE HORN,and it’s geared to people who aren’t really familiar with classical music but would like to know more.
    I have portraits of many different composers,famous and not so well known,profiles of famous operas and recommended recordings and DVDs,the latest news in classical music,classical humor, comparisons of classical music and politics,
    and much,much more. I’ve been getting gratifyingly positive feedback on it. You can access the blog directly from links at the following classical music blogs:
    blog.onopera.com, mahlerowesmetenbucks.blogspot.com,or
    horndogblog.com, or just go to Recent Blogs Posts on the blogiversity.org home page and click on any posts by THE Horn.
    I liked your post on famous concertos. Could you put something up about the wonderful but terrifyingly difficult Konzertstuck for four horns and orchestra by Schumann? It’s the musical equivalent of walking tightrope without a net over hungry lions and a pool of sharks.
    I’m not sure I agree with you about a lack of great conductors today,and there are quite a few very promising young ones. We’ll have to see how they mature,and we shouldn’t write them off prematurely.
    But any musical age that has the likes of Boulez, Haitink,Dohnanyi,Barenboim,Levine, Gergiev, Abbado, Colin Davis,Harnoncourt, Neeme Jarvi and his son Paavo, Jansons, Muti,
    Rattle,Thomas,Slatkin,Zinman,Blomstedt,Chailly,Conlon,Dutoit,Eschenbach,Gardiner,Maazel,Mackerras,Rozhdestvensky,Salonen,Thielemann etc,has nothing to be ashamed of.

  3. Hey Erik. Thanks for adding “The Daily Beethoven” to your blog roll (ie – your top 10 blogs of all time list). Your blog is totally awesome.

  4. I likewise appreciate you linking to mine…it’s important that we stick together in the stuffy world of online classical music writing!

  5. well, I think your judgment is rather perverse. I have seen him conducting and I thought he was rather good. Got the orchestra playing as one.


  6. Hi Tim,

    I’m glad to hear it. As I said in the comments of that post, I certainly don’t hope that Jensen is bad…it’s good for all of us if he’s good. That’s two people who have commented that his work was noteworthy, and that is wonderful. I can only hope that he will continue to improve. I will check back in with his work sometime from a better distance and see if I can appreciate it more.

  7. The Rite of Spring, a score for listeners

    In celebration of the centennial of the premiere of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, I’ve made an animated graphical score of it: http://www.musanim.com/rite/PressRelease.html

    Stephen Malinowski
    Music Animation Machine

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  9. all things considered, I suppose your judgment is noticeably unreasonable. I have seen him leading and I supposed he was fairly great. Got the symphony playing as one.
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  10. excellent

  11. Hi I found Bartok´s Romanian Folk Dances conducted by you on archive.org and I´m wondering what CC-license they are released under (if any). Would it be ok for me to use one as a soundtrack for an animated tone poem?

  12. I have absolutely no idea what the copyright implications are, but you are more than welcome to use the music as far as I’m concerned. And if it’s possible, please drop by when you’re done so we can appreciate your work, if you’re amenable to that!

  13. Thanks! And I will:)

  14. Wow!! :)

  15. The showdowns you are doing are stupid. You cannot compare geniuses. One is not better than the other.

  16. Welcome back!

    Glad you are back blogging and glad to hear you are relatively nearby (I have been a very entertained reader of your blog, nearby in Pennsylvania)…..any chance you are free Friday February 26th? I am guest conducting a student honors orchestra in New Jersey, but have a block of time and am planning to hear the Vienna Phil at Carnegie Hall on the 26th—I can spring for your ticket if you are free and want to go….let me know asap (I plan to buy the ticket(s) on Friday 1-28) and we can hang before or after….take care,

    Tim Dixon

  17. Hi Tim!

    That’s very kind of you. Sadly, I’m going to be in southern Georgia for job training starting on 2/23. I get back at the beginning of April, so if you have another block of time down the road, please let me know!

  18. Hello Erik, I just found your blog, and must say that I am very impressed with your ability to capture the essence of major compositions is relatively short essays. I also notice that you know my friend Tim Dixon. Like Tim, I am also a professor – actually he graduated from my university. My orchestra is celebrating its centennial and we are going to perform Beethoven’s Eroica. I would like to ask for your permission to include your article in the program notes. Obviously you will receive all the credit for it. In this sense, I would like to ask for your full name, so we can give you the appropriate credit. I am looking forward to hearing from you, and congratulations again. You can reply directly to me at averbach@miamioh.edu. Thank you very much.

  19. Crack! This is good stuff man. Hope all is well my friend.

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