Something to listen to: Wallenstein’s Camp

I wrote about Wallenstein’s Camp back in the day, and I presumably stand by everything I said then: this is way too much fun and it should be infinitely more popular than it is on sheer enjoyability. This performance is led by Theodore Kuchar, who is in danger of shedding his underrated status by becoming properly rated as “pretty awesome” with each new recording under his baton. The odds on me getting this complete set of Smetana orchestral works for a mere $13.99 on ArkivMusic is 1-to-1. Take that shit to the bank, and by bank I mean the (hopefully) secure servers at ArkivMusic. Enjoy.


Something cool you might have missed: Wallenstein’s Camp by Smetana

Bedrich Smetana

Bedrich Smetana

We’re debuting a new category here at whatever the name of this blog is.  It’s called “Something cool you might have missed,” and it’s devoted to some of those pieces that may have slipped through your personal cracks (there’s a colonoscopy-related fasting for 24 hours joke in here somewhere).  I mean, everybody knows Brahms’ First or Mahler’s First Symphony, but what about Erkki Melartin’s?  It’s cool, too. There’s so much good music out there waiting to be heard, and it would be downright selfish of me not to at least point out some of the ones I happened to keep in my crack.  I needed a new metaphor exactly one paragraph ago. Continue reading