Time management

This is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen: a live performance of Tom Johnson’s An Hour for Piano that misses the exact mark by two fucking seconds. That’s a sense of time that borders on the occult. Wow.

An Hour for Piano – R Andrew Lee


Something cool you might have missed: Mystery of Time by Miloslav Kabelac

Miloslav Kabelac

Miloslav Kabelac

I have a history of investigating pieces of music based solely on the title.  If it sounds interesting, I will inevitably be curious to know about why it bears that title.  This natural curiosity has cost me hundreds of dollars in the past, and the results were not always what I had hoped for going in.

I paid a pretty decent sum for a disc of orchestral works by Granville Bantock some years ago because the main item on the recording was a piece called Thalaba the Destroyer.  How could I possibly resist?  Fortunately, Bantock is a hidden bad ass of the English Romantics, and the whole disc delivered, including Thalaba.  I was not so fortunate when I plunked down the cash for Adventures in a Perambulator by John Alden Carpenter.  Sometimes God hands you good shit, sometimes He hands you the music of John Alden Carpenter. Continue reading