It’s Friday, Friday, time to bury our head in our hands in a display of frustration and sadness; fun, fun, fun, fun…

I used to watch Tosh.0 back when we had cable.  I appreciate the concept of the show: someone else slogging their way through the bowels of the internet in search of the funniest and most insane videos out there so I don’t have to.  Since we’ve made the move to simply using Netflix or Hulu or whatever to watch television through our computer, I haven’t seen the show in some time.  If I had, I would have seen this:

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Eivind Gullberg Jensen is the worst conductor in the universe: UPDATED!

Eivind Gullberg Jensen

Josh Brolin has a Norwegian twin sister?

Normally I find it a good idea to try and come up with some kind of catchy title if I’m writing an opinion piece.  Sometimes it uses a metaphor, sometimes it uses a pun, sometimes it uses an obscure “Big Lebowski” reference, but it’s always meant to bring a touch of mystery to the actual substance of what was written.

In this case, however, I could think of nothing remotely interesting or competent to say.  It is not unlike the conducting of Eivind Gullberg Jensen in that respect. Continue reading